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last change: 2018-11-03

Graphical Programming with FunctionBlock concept is a concept for graphical programming of applications especially able to use for Embedded Software - in cohesion with C(++).

Diagrams drawn in libre office

Note: for pdf use if possible 2 page face 2 face view. The documents start with an empty page left, right is the title, and right is the odd page as familar in book view. Unfortunately some browsers do not support showing the title and odd page right side without this empty leading page.

There are several well known tools which support the graphical programming or model oriented programming using a function block concept. An important tool is Mathworks-Simulink.

Older content:

  • pdf/OO_FBlockGraphicProgr_2020-08-06.pdf: Hier werden Aspekte der Objektorientierung in FBlock Grafiken dargestellt.
    Insbesondere wird für IEC61131 eine Lösung eines Plugin-FB mit Aggregation auf den Master-FB gezeigt, oder eben überhaupt die Möglichkeit von Aggregationen zwischen FBlocks in IEC61131.
  • FBG_UML_norm.html: FunctionBlock-Grafische Programmierung wird UML und IEC-normgerecht
  • GraphProgr_1.html : Text with some videos - in german - with details. The mission: Use Graphical Programming (with Simulink) in cohesion with hardcore programming in C (++)
  • FBlock.html : Common presentation of Graphic Programming - in german - Coherence between graphical and textual programming. Idea of an FBCL (Function Block Connection textual Language)

In progress: