ZBNF / JZtxtcmd / XML

- ZBNF parser

- JZtxtcmd generator

Docu Generation


embedded multiplatform C



- -Dependencies

- -QuellcodeGenerierung

Inspector & Reflection

- Test on Runtime

- The inspector tool

- Reflection in C

- Inspector Communication

Graphical Programming

Model based - Simulink

- Simulink und C - objektorientiert

Fcmd / Git

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Git for windows, cmd

The.file.Commander is a full-Java alternative to the classic Norton commander and its adequates like midnight-Commander (Linux) or the Total-Commander. Because it is programmed in Java it runs on any system where a Standard Java is present, especially in any Windows-Version, Linux or a Raspberry-Pi-system. In the current version it needs a SWT graphic library. A further version may work with Swing Java graphic (in development).


The help page: A context sensitive help navigates in this page.