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Class CheckDependencyFile

Dependency detection: Dependencies are included or used files while translation. This algorithm is used for C/C++-Sources. The #include statement is responsible to include.

Include Path and included files: The include path is given in the config file. It is valid for all sources. It is the common include path. An additional include path may be given for specified -src=SRCPATH files with an additional calling argument -srcInclpath=PATH.

The included files are named usual only with its name or with a prefix path, like
   #include "file.h"
   #include "path/file.h"
For all included files, which are found in the common include path, an index is filled. In that kind an included file, which was found and processed one time, can be re-found with a short index access and can be detected as 'already processed'. An instance InfoFileDependencies are related to it. Included files, which are not found in the common include path, should be searched in the additional path. Then the absolute path is known and that included files can be found with its absolute path in the same list.
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