1. Using Microsoft Visual Studio

1.1. Creating an example project with MS VS

The Video shows in 1 hour creating an empty VS project, set up some files.

  • ../../videos/Creating_MSVC_Prj_with_emC.mp4: First Video for creating an empty project

  • ../../videos/FillingMain_MSVC_Prj_with_emC.mp4: Shows some adjustments in the file tree, especially IDE/MS_VS as folder for the project and adding a main file with "Hello Application"

  • ../../videos/Adding_emCBasics_MSVC_Prj_with_emC.mp4: One file, here os_sharedMem.c is added from the emC pool. In conclusion some more, the included header files should copy from the emC pool with the same folder structure. The include path is adapted. Then it runs.

  • ../../videos/Clean_UsingLinkedTmp_MSVC_Prj_with_emC.mp4: This video shows that inside the Visual Studio project folder some temporary files are created while running the tool (compilation). This files are really temporary and should be cleaned before the whole project content is exchanged with other persons (via zip for example) or stored on version locations. A next step shows that for the temporary symbolic links are used (so name Junctions in Windows) and this link may refer to a RAM disk for faster working without needing space on a Hard or SSD Disk for such temporary stuff.