readme - ZmakeAnt

readme - ZmakeAnt



What is Zmake

Zmake based on ZBNF and Apache-ANT. The makefile is written in a more simple format as the ANT.XML or classic make-files. Thie makefile will be parsed with ZBNF and translated to a ANT.XML file, and than executed with ANT.

The example contains:

some examples to check the proper work of Zmake. The only one make-file is zmake_test.bat. It is a Windows-batchfile, which sets some environments and than executes ZMAKE and ANT.

The make rules are contained in this file too. The trick is: The batch ends with exit and the Zmake-rules starts after them after a key line


The ZBNF-Script contains an optional skipping of text until this keyword.

You can visit the generated ANT.XML-File in the local tmp-directory. The main tasks of the make file or some copies of files and directories. The file contains the reference-result file tree, which may compared with the generated result tree if Zmake works.

Further possibilities of Zmake are used in the ../../examples_XML/DocuGenerationViaXML/readme.html. The documentation generation based on Zmake, but uses an enhanced make syntax, which includes informations about the documentation contents too, which are ignored from Zmake but used otherwise. There is only one batchfile for that too.

Zmake is used in Java2C_on_Sourceforge and in some more applications in professional work of the author.

(@Hartmut Schorrig, version 2009-12)