readme - Zmake

readme - Zmake



The Zmake translator translates between a Zmake user script and the ready-to-run make-script. The zmake user script describes what's how to make in a more simple syntax than most of the other known make scripts. The outputted make-script may be an ANT.xml-make file, an old-style make file, a simple batch or script file or any other control file for a make process. The translator is able for universal usage, it controls which text is produced for the output.

 user    =====Z===translator=====> make script
 script       ^        ^           ready to run
              |        |
              |        |  (user level)
         - - -|- - - - |- - - - - - -
              |        |  (admin level)
         zmake.zbnf    |
              translation script

The Zmake translator works in two stages. Adequate, two scripts control the working of the translator:

The ../../../docu/ZmakeGen.html contains an detailed desription.

The example contains ... TODO