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readme - XmlDocuGeneration



What contains DocuGenerationViaXml

A generation of documentation using XML may have sources from XML-given data, at example from UML (using XMI). But source may be codes of programming languages of other textual documents too. The possibility of selecting and mixing contents from all these sources suitably may be important.

The documentation generation which is presented here is described (in german language) in The principles are:

Than ANT will be started. At result of the content in the docu-generation-control-file some XML-preparations may be done. In this example a conversion of text topics to XML is called, see TextTopics.

This example contains the generation of the documentation for ZBNF in this download. The example is used immediately for the

Parts of the documentation here are written in pure text files with qualifications of text parts adequate to the writing style in wikipedia. The format is described in WikiFormat. An advantage of this is: The texts are better comparable in versions. Another advantage: Writing is faster (for me, ... I won't use the mouse sometimes). A simple application of DocuGenerationViaXML converts such plain texts in HTML.

Another possible output is word.xml for Windows-Word. See file zbnfjax/XmlDocu_xsl/Pre2Word.xsl.