What is ByteDataAccess ?

If you want to access to binary data produced with C or C++ using Java, ByteDataAccess helps to read and write such C-oriented binary data. In principle the data are available in Java in a byte[]-Array. This byte[] may be filled and/or write out with the content of a binary file or with the payload of an UDP or TCP stream. The class ByteDataAcess contains base functionality to access to the data and read they in int-, float-, String- and so on -format. A user class that extents ByteDataAccess can program the access to user-level-data.

This shown translation from struct in Headerfiles to Java code produces a user class extended ByteDataAccess to access to data in Java that are defined in the header's struct.

The baseclass org.vishia.byteDataAccess is part of this example.

The example contains the following files:

The following files are produces running the batches:

The following files are references for the generated files (compared after software changes).